Creatine-BP orange 510.0

Creatine-BP orange 510.0
Creatine-BP orange 510.0
Creatine-BP orange 510.0

Creatine-BP orange 510.0

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Creatine BP (Creapure®)


Creatină micronizată BP Pulbere -5000 mg / doză, fabricată din creatină monohidrată 100% pură Marca Germană Creapure ®, prelucrată în micro particule pentru o absorbție mai bună și mai rapidă.


BP Micronized Creatine Powder is a pure, micronized and lab tested creatine monohydrate. Due to its structure, the active ingredient can be 100% dissolved and ultimately delivered directly to your muscles, precisely where it needs to be to drive performance, improve strength and muscular endurance.

Energy: Creatine serves as a supply of cellular energy for muscles. It increases the levels of phosphocreatine (PCr) in muscles that is used to regenerate ATP (energy for muscle contraction), immediately preventing energy crisis that can occur after demanding workout;

Muscle Strength & Endurance: Creatine increases blood flow to your muscles and helps to boost strength and physical performance;

Sprint ability: Creatine is known to give bursts of energy particularly during high-intensity activities like sprinting, weight lifting;

Recovery: Daily usage helps to suppress the formation of lactic acid, thereby mitigating and preventing muscle cramps. It decreases recovery time and maximizes performance. Creatine is commonly used to prevent disuse atrophy in injured athletes;

Fatigue Resistance: Creatine enhances resistance to fatigue during repeated bouts of high-intensity contractions. For sports involving running, creatine can be used to increase anaerobic running capacity.


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